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Squire-RemiTenterden Folk Festival was well attended and the side performed a good variety of dances which were well received. The turnout was great and we had a good time. This is what we do in this side, we dance and above all we enjoy ourselves.

We are sixty years young and we are always looking for new members. To anyone who is interested in Morris dancing, I say come and try it, we have fun and we enjoy a drink after practice, no prior knowledge is required. Our practices are every Wednesdays at Mersham village hall (8:00pm). Have a look at some of the photos and clips from Tenterden.

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  1. Peter Brun says:

    I never knew properly what a ‘Blog’ was. I like this one. Purely as an invited guest, having a lady to dance with us as last night added to the fun and I believe was enjoyed by both the side and the audience.

  2. Chris Housman says:

    Glad it went well. Was the eve of my Mum’s funeral/memorial so I’m afriad I couldn’t be there. Saved a few smashed knuckles though!!

  3. Peter Brun says:

    Relating to June 16th. Blog. It was indeed a good evening and there was an audience for a while when some hardy walkers stopped to watch a dance before going inside for their refreshment. AND we saw the second half of the England/Sweden Match on the pub’s telly and saw England WIN. What a great evening. Sorry to start a sentence with ‘and’ Malcolm.

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