22nd – 24th June, 2018 Evesham National Morris Weekend

A weekend of colour, music and movement – a festival celebrating the best of all of the many forms of England’s national dance. Join us and many other Morris sides as we tour the beautiful villages (and pubs!) of the Vale of Evesham. And don’t miss the massed dancing  in and around the historic market town of Evesham itself. On Saturday evening, there is a ceilidh at Evesham Rowing Club, and there are folk sessions in various town pubs and The Fleece Inn at Bretforton.

We are privileged to have been invited as a few of us are pretty new to Morris. Please do come along and support us – it will be a great weekend!

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Sunday 8th July, 2018 Sandwich Folk Festival

If this was half the fun it was last year, it’s worth putting Granny into kennels and heading on over to grab a roast boar sandwich, sit outside with a pint of Scruttock’s Old Dirigible – we’ve booked the sunshine again – and watch us and a cast of thousands dance, sing and play. The festival is over the whole weekend, but we will be dancing on the Sunday.

Your webmaster is going to stay overnight in her camper van, it was that good.

Details are to be found here.


Saturday 10th November, EKM Annual Cèilidh

Are you itching to get up and dance yourself? Well, our 2017 ceilidh was such an astounding success, that naturally we’re repeating it. We’ll all be taking part in a wide range of dances from the 17th century to the 21st, and from both England and the USA. A ploughman’s supper will be provided, but please bring your own bottles.


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